My name is Arnie Oseland and I have been in the technology field for about 40 years.  While my title and job function has changed during these years, I have always performed in some very basic roles. 

The first is that of a Problem Solver.  I don’t know if it is my mathematics background or my love of games (or both), but I love a challenge.  The challenges that I have enjoyed most are bringing technical solutions to business problems. 

The second role is one of a Teacher.  I started as a high school teacher of mathematics and science but have had countless experiences of “teaching” throughout my business career.  Training users in the use of new technology is one of the keystones of successful implementation.

The third role is being a Consultative Sales leader.  As a Principal Consultant, Senior Marketing Manager, President, and Business Owner, all require me to convince people to do things that they may not have done if left to their own directions.  Endorsing and accepting Change is hard for all people, but initiating change from “this is how we always did it” to new technically support procedures can be difficult to accomplish without strong leadership.

My posts come to you based on my experience of being involved in early computing solutions in the 70′s with IBM, through several technology companies that I started and lead, through many years of performing as a “player-coach” as a Principal Consultant.

Thanks for your interest.

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